CONGELADOS VIDEMAR S.L. . is a spanish company dedicated to the wholesale and transport of fish and seafood, as well as its import and export.

The company is based in port of Marín, next to Vigo, one of the main frozen fish market´s in the world, an ideal location from where to conduct its business.

From its creation in 2009, CONGELADOS VIDEMAR S.L. has the backing and trust of its national and international customers.

We have put together a team of highly skilled professionals, from the industry, both at product origin and in the central offices, allowing us to satisfy our customer needs through a flexible and efficient service.

The Closeness of our Plant to the Fishing Port of Puerto Madryn assures a rapid arrival of the raw material to be processed following the most strict international quality standards.

The wild Red cold water Shrimp (pleoticus muelleri) is processed in the following presentation:

Whole round > Tails > Pealed & deveined > Pealed & deveined Tail on